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Sunday March 11, 2018GeekFortress Games has their March Legacy 1K at 11am.

Monday March 12, 2018: Mox Seattle has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm. Mill Geek Comics in Bothell has their Weekly Legacy at 7:30pm.

Wednesday March 14, 2018: Shane’s Cards in Renton has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm.

Thursday March 15, 2018: Mox Bellevue has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Friday March 16, 2018: Luke’s Gaming Shop in Everrett has Legacy at 6:30pm.

Sunday March 18, 2018: GeekFortress Games has their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

Saturday March 31, 2018: Mox Seattle has their March Legacy Preservation Series 1K.  Doors open at 10am, play starts at noon.

Wednesday April 4, 2018: Mox Bellevue has a Legacy 5K, the Duel for Duals.  Doors will open at 10am, play starts at 11am.

What’s Going On Here?

Dominaria Leaked D:

If you follow MTG online, you probably heard about the leak.  I won’t like or spoil anything, but what I am looking forward to is:

Access Magic episodes featuring Richard Garfield, Mark Rosewater, and stories you can’t get anywhere else. We’ll talk about the design of Sagas and how they tap into Dominaria’s rich history, the world of Dominaria, and how the Gatewatch fits into the picture.

Five episodes of Magic Story Podcast featuring Ethan Fleischer and Kelly Digges that dive realdeep into topics like the Mending, Terisiare history, the Church of Serra, and more.

Three new episodes of Enter the Battlefield looking at what it means to return to Dominaria.

Some of the cards leaked look like they’ll have an impact on Legacy.  I’ll try to keep my mouth shut about it until official spoilers release.

I’m hyped.

The Local Scenes?

I normally play at Mox Boarding House Bellevue.  This Thursday hosted the Women in Magic Panel.  There was still a lot of Legacy going on, and Legacy isn’t the same everywhere you go.

It is interesting to experience the different metas at different stores.  Mox Bellevue is filled with blue Control decks and Legacy staples.  Delver, Miracles, Czech Pile, Storm, and Elves are things you can expect to run into.

This week, I went to Wizards Keep Games’ Legacy event.  8-Rack took it down.  8-Rack is something I almost never run into, and I’m sure it was a rare occurrence for the other players.  Here’s a sample deck by Luiz Camelo.

Luiz Camelo's 8-rack

Liliana of the Veil
Dark Confidant
The Rack
Hymn to Tourach
Nantuko Shade
Diabolic Edict
Dark Ritual
Mishra’s Factory
14 Swamp

Engineered Plague
Ensnaring Bridge
Pithing Needle
Tormod’s Crypt
Consume Spirit

The deck is a prison control deck.  8-Rack attempts to keep your opponent at 0 cards in hand.  The Rack punishes players for having less than 3 cards.  Hand disruption keeps them low and from casting spells.  Smallpox and Diabolic Edict help to keep the board clear.  Some lists run Tombstalker to establish a clock.  There are no graveyard tricks being played, so Delve creatures help keep the player ahead.  8-Rack is a fun deck to play, but not always a fun deck to play against.

Geek Fortress’s Weeklies also have interesting turnouts.  Doomsday, Demonic Pact, Enchantress, and more show up week after week.  The experience is a nice change of pace.  Mox is filled with staple decks, where other games stores have people playing pet decks or fringe decks they love.  The world of Legacy is vast, and it’s nice to see multiple parts of it within Seattle.

Mox Hosts Women in Magic

The video can be found on their Facebook page.  I did my best to listen and identify any changes I could make.  Magic can be played by everyone, and I hope to make it warm and inviting.  A lot of what was discussed was brought up in Thea Miller’s article, “Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts.”

I hate the term microaggression, but it is something I struggle with and fail to identify at times.  When a new player shows up at my local game store, the first question I normally ask is “Are you new to Legacy?”  If they say no or that they’ve been playing for a while, I follow it up with “Are you new to the area?”  As a believer in first impressions, the first question I ask can make or break someone’s experience with me and the local community.  If I change the order, it might be better, but even the phrasing is important.  Asking “Are you new to the area?” or “Are you new to this store?” can be off-putting to someone who is regular that took a break.  The question can also make new players feel like outsiders.  These limit the range of answers.  Something like “How long have you been coming here to play?” or a question with more than a yes or no answer would be better.

The panel also mentioned treating women like everyone else.  I think this is also why I dislike the word microaggression.  I tend to ask basic yes or no questions, which can be assumptive or microaggressive, but I ask them to everyone (my current excuse).  Personally, when I get asked a yes or no question, I feel like I have to struggle to make it more of a conversation.  A (hopefully) simple change would be to ask who/what/where/when/why/how questions.  If I make this change, I think it would be more considerate to everyone I talk to and I can avoid using microaggressions.  The conversations and the way I treat people won’t be changing, but the change of how I ask something will help to avoid implications and open the range of responses.

The panel also talked about how they became a part of the community, friendships, and what made them passionate about Magic.  Magic can be a positive experience for people, and I’m hoping to be a part of that.

MTG Showdown Wallio vs Nguyen

Mark your calendars.  The Showdown is going down at 7pm on March 17th.  Have your St. Patty’s day adventure, then sober up over some Legacy action.  I’ll update this post and later posts with links to the stream.

We’ll be streaming Saturday, March 17th at 7pm on!

Less Exciting News

Ban talk was a hot topic at SCG’s Legacy Open and all over the internet.  Deathrite Shaman seems to be on everyone’s eye for the ban hammer.  Everyone saw Miracles getting a ban from a mile away, will DRS be next?  The next Banned & Restricted announcement will be a week or 2 after GP Seattle, so panic and debate while you still can.

Daylight savings time is this weekend, so if you’re going to Geek Fortress’s 1K, make sure to adjust your clock accordingly.

There are less than 20 spots left in Mox Bellevue’s Duel for Duals!…

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