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Saturday February 17, 2018: Mox Bellevue opens registration for their April 4, 2018 Legacy 5K.

Sunday February 18, 2018: GeekFortress in Snohomish is hosting a Legacy 1K.  Doors open at 11am.  Play starts at noon.

Monday February 19, 2018Mox Seattle has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pmMill Geek Comics in Bothell has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Thursday February 22, 2018: Mox Bellevue has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Saturday February 24, 2018: Mox Bellevue is hosting their Legacy Preservation Series 1K.  Doors open at 10am.  Play starts at noon.

Sunday February 25, 2018: GeekFortress is back to having their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

What’s Going On Here?

The Tessier Aisoka Showdown

Mike Tessier challenged Jordan Aisaka to a Conquest Showdown.  Mike packed Grixis Pyromancer, Merfolk, and Eldrazi to fight against Jordan’s collection of OmniSneak, Jeskai Stoneblade, and Grixis Delver.  We wrote a huge article on the match which doesn’t do it justice.  I recommend watching the On Demand Video.  A big thank you to the players and everyone who made this possible.

The Wallio Nguyen Showdown

Mike Wallio has issued a challenge to Daniel Nguyen.  Mike is a well-known Burn player, placing in multiple Legacy and Pauper events.  He’s also known to be a skilled Grixis Delver player.  Locally, he’s been seen brewing Grixis Ninja Control and Ninja Standstill.  Daniel Nguyen is considered the Elf Master of the Pacific Northwest (and potentially North America depending on who you ask).  He too has placed in multiple Legacy and Pauper events.  Anyone who has considered playing Elves has more than likely read Daniel’s Primer on the Deck.  When not playing Elves, Daniel’s been caught brewing a BUG Control deck.  He’s been in many feature matches and on Kitchen Table Magic, and he will be battling Mike Wallio in a Conquest Showdown.

The Showdown is currently scheduled for March 17, 2018, and we’ll keep you updated on it and other future battles.

Mox Seattle Renovating

Monday left Legacy fans wishing for something more.  Unable to talk about the Modern Shake-Up of Unbanning Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf.  Players had the option of going to Mill Geek Games in Bothell to get their fix.  The impact on Legacy is the price of the cards.  Jace soared to $150+ from his comfortable $70 price tag.  Bloodbraid Elf went from a humble $3 card to $15.  Most of the price is hype, but with GP Seattle coming up, players who haven’t bought their copies yet may have to search for alternatives.

Moar Data

Wizards has been listening to its players lately.  They announced they will be publishing more deck lists and showing more diverse decks.

Given all of that, here’s how the new system will work:

  • We’re changing what we mean by “distinct” decklists. Currently, distinct is defined as having at least ten cards different between lists, and we list five different distinct decklists per day. We have found that ten-card differences often didn’t create enough archetype differentiation. Initial testing at 20 seems to be leading to better diversity, showing a wider spread of the metagame, so we’re moving the definition of distinct to 20-card differentiation.
  • Twice a week for Modern and Standard, and once a week for other less-played formats, we will be sharing an uncapped number of distinct 5-0 decklists from Competitive Leagues. Currently we show 35 per week. At the current rates of play and format diversity, the new system should be showing 50–80 decklists per week for Standard and Modern.

Legacy lists will be published on Saturdays.  I’m hoping to see “archetype differentiation”, like this Zoo deck.  I think Legacy is far from a solved format, and you should always play what you love, which brings us to the last Legacy Preservation Series 1K.

January 28th, Legacy Preservation Series @ Mox Bellevue

Tyler Marklyn came in 2nd place playing Turbo Mill.  Was it surprise, skill, or both?  Fetchlands are ubiquitous in Legacy, and Archive Trap is a great way to punish decks for it.  4 main deck Surgical Extractions prevent troublesome cards like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn from preventing the mill out.  Visions of Beyond might as well have been Ancestral RecallJace’s Phantasm from the sideboard helps to establish a clock when you know the mill plan will be difficult.  I’d say the deck was skillfully designed and played by Tyler.

Tyler Marklyn's Turbo Mill

Cephalid Coliseum
Volcanic Island
Underground Sea
Flooded Strand
Polluted Delta
Misty Rainforest
Hedron Crab
Murderous Cut
Thought Scour
Gitaxian Probe
Glimpse the Unthinkable
Surgical Extraction
Brain Freeze
Force of Will
Visions of Beyond
Archive Trap

Jace’s Phantasm
Ensnaring Bridge
Swan Song
Diabolic Edict
Fatal Push
Sphinx’s Tutelage

Tyler lost to a spicy deck that seemed designed to benefit from being milled.  Robert Stark played UB Shadow.  With multiple Delve Creatures, Robert uses cards like Gitaxian Probe, Street Wraith, and fetches to fill the graveyard.  This allows him to lower his life to pump up multiple Death’s Shadows.  He can protect himself using Gurmag Angler and Tombstalker.  If anyone told you Death’s Shadow isn’t viable in Legacy, they haven’t tried to make it work.  Unlike other Shadow decks, which butcher a Delver deck by adding Shock Lands and Shadows, Robert’s deck has a clear goal in mind that doesn’t water down a shell of a deck.  Seeing the finals, I feel like Tyler should have been running a Laboratory Maniac to provide an alternative self-mill win.  Both players fought hard to make it to the finals on decks that shocked the community.

Robert Stark's UB Shadow

Underground Sea
Watery Grave
Bloodstained Mire
Marsh Flats
Street Wraith
Gurmag Angler
Death’s Shadow
Spell Pierce
Fatal Push
Gitaxian Probe
Thought Scour
Force of Will

Null Rod
Grafdigger’s Cage
Pithing Needle
Hymn to Tourach
Diabolic Edict
Surgical Extraction
Liliana, the Last Hope
Toxic Deluge

There were some other spicy decks in Bellevue’s Top 8.  The Seattle Top 8 was a bit more bland with OmniSneak, Elves, and Eldrazi in the Top 8; however, the winning deck was Mike Kiesel on Konstruct Stompy.  If you ever ask “is blah viable in Legacy?”  The answer is definitely yes.  Decks are popping up and breaking the mold.  Legacy is far from being a solved format.

Less Exciting News

Geek Fortress shares it’s Modern 1K results.  Shockingly, Death’s Shadow did not plague the meta, even by 1 bit.  Mox Bellevue held a PPTQ, which to us Legacy players, is an acronym we don’t need to know.  People played magic, and I can’t even tell you what format it was.  Standard is “fun” again, with more Seattle stores starting weekly events.  Jordan Aisaka 5-0’d an MTGO League with Jeskai Stoneblade.  There was quite a bit of salt and punts, but sometimes players just get lucky.

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