In the Scene: GP Seattle Only 2 Weeks Away


Sunday March 25, 2018: Crazy Timmy’s Games has their GP Prep for Duals at 11am.  Doors open at 10am.  GeekFortress Games has their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

Monday March 26, 2018: Mox Seattle has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm. Mill Geek Comics in Bothell has their Weekly Legacy at 7:30pm.

Wednesday March 28, 2018: Shane’s Cards in Renton has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm.

Thursday March 29, 2018: Mox Bellevue has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Friday March 30, 2018: Luke’s Gaming Shop in Everett has Legacy at 6:30pm.

Saturday March 31, 2018: Mox Seattle has their March Legacy Preservation Series 1K.  Doors open at 10am, play starts at noon.

Wednesday April 4, 2018: Mox Bellevue has a Legacy 5K, the Duel for Duals.  Doors will open at 10am, play starts at 11am.

Friday April 6, 2018: ChannelFireball‘s Grand Prix Seattle.  Event starts at 9am, doors open at 8am.

What’s Going On Here?

The Wallio Nguyen Showdown

Michael Wallio brought Grixis Delver, Grixis Ninjas, and Burn to the Showdown.  Daniel Nguyen had a slew of degenerate decks featuring BR Reanimator, Sneak n Show, and Elves.  We hope to get a detailed write-up and decklists shortly.  Michael’s decklists are available here for now.  On-demand viewing is available at  Skip to the 43:37 for the start of the stream.

Degenerate Decks at GP Seattle?

I try to keep track of decks of note.  Seattle Players themselves are known for liking their blue control decks, but a recent trend is popping up with people creating more resilient combo decks.  Reanimator Depths has been putting up results at Team Trios and Legacy Events around the world.  With multiple plans of attack and even ways to hard cast big creatures in the first couple of turns, Reanimator Depths is a deck that’s hard to defend against.  Big Red (or Mono-Red Sneak) has also been showing its face around the area.  With Grixis Delver, Czech Pile, and other decks with greedy manabases being on top, a turn 1 blood moon with a combo finish seems like a good plan of attack.  With recent toys like Combustible Gearhulk added to the list, it’s a force to be reckoned with but does tend to durdle or lose to Force of Will.

A recent deck that’s been brought to my attention is a deck that looks like a fresh take on Tin-Fins.  Tin-Fins’ main plan of attack revolves around resolving a Shallow Grave on Griselbrand.  It can then draw its deck and gain infinite life, Shallow Grave an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, perform a storm kill, or side into a Monastery Mentor plan.

A deck piloted by clone103 combines what we love about Reanimator Depths, Tin-Fins, and Oops all spells into a single deck.

clone103's Oops Reanimator

Dark Ritual
Living Wish
Lion’s Eye Diamond
Lotus Petal
Shallow Grave
Unburial Rites
Children of Korlis
Vampire Hexmage
Dark Depths
Marsh Flats
Snow-Covered Swamp
Thespian’s Stage
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Verdant Catacombs

Children of Korlis
Dark Depths
Ethersworn Canonist
Faerie Macabre
Laboratory Maniac
Loyal Retainers
Pithing Needle
Sejiri Steppe
Silent Gravestone
Sylvan Safekeeper
Thespian’s Stage
Vampire Hexmage

What I like about this deck is the number of ways it can win in the first couple of turns.  Many of these ways get around Flusterstorm or even Spell Pierce.  It has ways to instant speed respond to removal and gain infinite life while drawing most of the deck.  The Living Wish package gives access to win conditions like Laboratory Maniac while decking yourself with Griselbrand; finding missing pieces like Dark Depths or Children of Korlis; and protection like Sylvan Safekeeper, Faerie Macabre, or Sejiri Steppe.

Using Lion’s Eye Diamond in the list allows for interesting interactions with Living Wish, along with allowing for alternative reanimation spells like Unburial Rites.  Unlike RB Reanimator, where you don’t really win on turn 1, this build can.

I already acquired the deck, and I’m hoping to play it and see how I like it.  I’ll try to do some write-ups after GP Seattle.

The GeekFortress 1K

GeekFortress had a 1K.  Last week, I was on-call and unable to find time to write about it.  Burn wound up taking it down.  More people are trying out the Steel Stompy list, and it is putting up results.  My understanding is the deck plays very differently from other archetypes of decks.

Justin Hrala (@jbh3d) wrote a tournament report covering his 10th place finish.  He was on Big Eldrazi.  The deck is well positioned against blue control decks, and we’ll be sharing the report on Monday to help with your GP Seattle decision making.

Need Moar Practice?

This weekend, Crazy Timmy’s Games is hosting GP Prep for Duals.  The event is capped at 32 players, so expect 5 rounds a magic with a cut to a top 8.  It starts at 11am, so you should be able to have some free time afterward to take care of your weekend chores.

The Duel for Duals at Mox Boarding House Bellevue is sold out, but Mox Seattle has their Legacy Preservation Series 1K the weekend prior that’s still open.

Less Exciting News

The mothership announced Brawl and Exclusive Buy a Box Promos.  MTG Arena is no longer under NDA.  Everyone is looking forward to Dominaria, as am I.

I’m loving Masters 25.  I did a full box sealed at GeekFortress, where I opened a pack with 2 Jaces, wound up top 8’ing and winning a pack with a Jace, and purchased a box for fun that allowed me to finish my playset of Jaces.  If talent or ability had anything to do with it, I’d sell my services, but I’m just a lucksack.  I think the boxes are overpriced for the risk, but it’s a blast to draft or play sealed with.  If you want more Maters action, GeekFortress is doing a 6 pack Masters Sealed.  It takes place the same time as the LPS 1K, but with all the Legacy Events and grinding people are doing, it’d be nice to take a mental break and look at your GP Deck with a fresh perspective afterward.

Jund is putting up results left and right in Modern.  Bloodbraid Elf is making an impact, but Jace, the Mind Sculptor, no so much.  There’s an interesting post on reddit showing the impact Bloodbraid Elf has had on the format.  I’m worried a countdown has begun, and unless players can find an answer, Bloodbraid Elf might once again meet the ban hammer.

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