In the Scene: GP Seattle is Done


Monday April 16, 2018: Mox Seattle has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm. Mill Geek Comics in Bothell has their Weekly Legacy at 7:30pm.

Wednesday April 18, 2018: Shane’s Cards in Renton has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm.

Thursday April 19, 2018: Mox Bellevue has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Sunday April 22, 2018: Geek Fortress Games has their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

What’s Going On Here?

GP Seattle has passed

I took a break from writing.  There was so much training and so many events, I didn’t have time to sit back and hit the keys.  I scrubbed out of the main event, but I wound up doing well in side events.  I earned and opened a box of Masters 25, sold the contents, and bought a bunch of foils.  Maybe we’ll start a “behind the deck” series, or pimped deck weekly.

Several Seattle natives did really well at the event, and a Seattle native took the whole thing down with Grixis Delver.  Top 8 Decklists are available on Wizards’ site.  There were 20 Deathrite Shamans in the top 8, with Miracles and Lands being the only decks lacking the 1-drop Planeswalkers.

On the other coast, Elves took down the SCG Classic.  Elves and Grixis Delver were thought to be the top contenders for both events, and I’m glad to see them at the top of the lists.

While I poke fun at Deathrite Shaman, I do think the meta is in a good place right now.  Mox Boarding House’s Duel for Duals had Food Chain, Lands, Storm, and Death and Taxes in the top 8.  From Mox to SCG to the GP, we have diverse decks placing in the top 8 of large events.  Goblins was even in contention to Top 8 at the GP for a while.

The Monks vs Wallio Showdown

Didn’t get enough Legacy action at the GP?  Come and watch Josh Monks battle against Miles Wallio in a Conquest Style Showdown!  The Showdown will be Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 7:30pm.  Each player will bring 3 decks, first to win with all 3 decks wins the showdown.

Josh Monks is known for his vast knowledge of the Legacy format.  He’s piloted Death and Taxes to multiple Top 8’s.  Monks’ MythStill deck has been rumored to go 4-0 at multiple weekly events and be very shiny.  He’s piloted UR Delver to the top tables at multiple events.  Josh Monks can be seen regularly providing top-notch commentary on Card Kingdom’s stream.

Miles Wallio is a well-known green mage.  Avoiding blue decks like the plague, he’s piloted Elves to multiple Top 8’s.  He can be caught playing Enchantress on his stream.  Miles has also been featured on Card Kingdom’s stream where he regularly scrubs out.  The green mage has also commentated on Card Kingdom’s stream asking questions to help new players find out the whys behind Legacy, while also providing Netflix and anime recommendations when asked.

The showdown will be streamed on

Dominaria Legacy Impact?

The Magic Open House is this weekend!  Bring a friend, learn to play, and get a crazy awesome Llanowar Elves promo.

Dominaria is already having an impact on Modern.  Goblin Warchief, Siege-Gang Commander, and Skirk Prospector are entering Standard and Modern.  Skirk Prospector will allow for turn 3 Glorybringer in Standard and Modern.

Dampening Sphere is on everyone’s radar for Legacy.  Seems decent against Storm, Elves, Enchantress, Stompy Decks, Eldrazi, and more.

Less Exciting News…

Geek Fortress Games has a Modern Event going on Sunday the 15th, which is why they aren’t having Legacy.  If you play Legacy Goblins, there’s a chance you can sleeve up most of the cards to play Modern after Dominaria is officially released.

Masterpieces are being bought out like crazy.  Is it natural demand, or the dreaded “mtg finance” speccers?  Choke is listed at ~$100 now, so I’m thinking it’s sadly speccers and hype.  Legacy is still fun and enjoyable, and I’m hoping people enter the format even if they’re deck doesn’t glisten like a thousand suns…

Greg Mitchell provided a list to Jordan Aisaka that was a pleasure to watch.  Jordan Aisaka piloted the next(?) iteration of Tin-Fins.  The deck features Magus of the Mind and Mastermind’s Acqusition along with Shallow Grave, Corpse Dance, and Griselbrand.

The deck looks ridiculous and like a blast to play.  Hopefully, we’ll see tuned iterations hitting top 8’s and 5-0 lists shortly.

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