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Saturday February 24, 2018: Mox Bellevue is hosting their Legacy Preservation Series 1K. Doors open at 10am. Play starts at noon.

Sunday February 25, 2018: Northwest Sportscards is hosting their Monthly Legacy at 12pm. GeekFortress Games has their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

Monday February 26, 2018: Mox Seattle has their Weekly Legacy at 6:30pm. Mill Geek Comics in Bothell has their Weekly Legacy at 7:30pm.

Wednesday February 28, 2018: Shane’s Cards in Renton has their bi-weekly Legacy at 6:30pm.

Thursday March 1, 2018: Mox Bellevue has their Weekly Legacy at 7pm.

Friday March 2, 2018: Luke’s Gaming Shop has their bi-weekly Legacy at 6:30pm.

Saturday March 3, 2018:: Wizards Keep Games in Renton has a Legacy Event starting at 12pm.

Sunday March 4, 2018: GeekFortress Games has their Weekly Legacy at 1pm.

What’s Going On Here?

It’s starting to get sunny in Seattle. If you were starting to think “I’ll do something on a weekend without a Magic event”, then too bad. From now until the GP, there’s Legacy every weekend. Awful, I know.

February 18, 2018 @ GeekFortress 1K

I took a vacation from Magic this weekend, but I heard the 1K at GeekFortress was off the hook. The RUG Delver winner, Patrick Casey, wrote a tournament report on reddit, and preparation was definitely key. Apparently, he didn’t even know there was a 1K… Patrick’s list leans towards the more classic RUG Delver lists. I love that he runs Gilded Drake in the side. It’s great against Sneak n Show, pushing players towards Sneak Attack or Omniscience for the kill. Gilded Drake can also answer troublesome creatures like Merit Lage, Reality Smasher or even Leovold, Emissary of Trest.  The rest of the Top 8 can be found here.  Full standings can be found on GeekFortress’s Blog.

Patrick Casey's RUG Delver

Nimble Mongoose
Delver of Secrets
Force of Will
Lightning Bolt
Forked Bolt
Spell Pierce
Spell Snare
Scalding Tarn
Misty Rainforest
Volcanic Island
Tropical Island

Gilded Drake
Sulfuric Vortex
Grim Lavamancer
Pithing Needle
Rough / Tumble
Ancient Grudge
Surgical Extraction
Ground Seal

Legacy Show Downs

The Wallio vs Nguyen Showdown

February is nearing its end. Mike and Daniel are both narrowing down deck selections. I imagine the Showdown has already started with trash talking and intimidation tactics commencing.

What’s great about Conquest is players have to be well rounded on the decks they choose. They have to win with all the decks they bring. Mike and Dan are known for Burn and Elves, decks I know they’re going to win with. I can’t wait to see their other choices and the Showdown altogether.

Josh Monks Challenges Miles Wallio

Josh Monks has (had?) a reputation for being a skilled Death & Taxes player. He’s Top 8’d events with Death & Taxes as well as UR Delver. Lately, Josh has been seen playing UW MythStill. Rumor is he’s regularly 4-0’ing week after week at Mox’s Weekly Legacy Events with the deck. Knowledgeable in all things Legacy, Josh consistently provides great analysis of plays on CardKingdom’s Streams.

Miles Wallio is a green mage at heart: his deck of choice being Elves. He’s Top 8’d events with his take on Elves, usually featuring a main deck Shaman of the Pack and Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. Miles is known for having access to almost every deck in Legacy but can be seen choosing to play decks like Enchantress. Will Miles play “real” decks, or stick to what he knows? All I know is he’ll probably be drawing a lot of cards.

The current plan is to have the Showdown in March, before GP Seattle.

So Much Data

We now only get 1 day of MTGO results, but there are many decks posted. Here’s the first of the new MTGO 5-0 postings. Some of the decks are pretty shocking to see. Miracles with Ancestral Knowledge? No Search for Azcanta to be seen. I’m not sure if it’s a new brew, or if it’s an alternative to Predict. UR Painter with Saheeli Rai made it. Soldier Stompy was up there as well. A strange brew with Call of the Herd and Decree of Justice made it. My understanding is it’s based off an old Legacy Deck called Operation Dumbo Drop.

I like the results so far. We’ll have to follow week after week to see what decks are consistent in this new world, but it does show you can do well with a deck you love, regardless of tiers.

MTGO Legacy Challenge

MoggCatcher Goblins has always been one of my favorite Legacy decks. Moggcatcher has the ability to tutor out any Goblin. With utility Goblins like Goblin Settler, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and win-cons like Goblin Rabblemaster, the deck can create locks and establish fast clocks. Some run Goblin King and Blood Moon making doom inevitable.

The deck took down the latest Legacy Challenge.

Prettymoe's Moggcatcher Goblins

Goblin Rabblemaster
Goblin Settler
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Krenko, Mob Boss
Magus of the Moon
Murderous Redcap
Siege-Gang Commander
Simian Spirit Guide
Tuktuk Scrapper
Chalice of the Void
Chrome Mox
Blood Moon
Ancient Tomb
Cavern of Souls
City of Traitors

Boartusk Liege
Confusion in the Ranks
Goblin Assassin
Goblin Sharpshooter
Manic Vandal
Phyrexian Revoker
Sudden Shock

The Future of Master Sets

Wizards wrote that future Master Sets will be themed.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m wondering how this will differ from the latest standard blocks, but I’m guessing it’ll be a great draft format.

Innistrad is about the graveyard and Gothic horror. Ravnica is about multicolor cards and the guilds. Zendikar is about lands and adventure. Some of the biggest successes in Magic history come from having themes on top of our sets, and I’m very excited for us to bring that to the Masters sets.

Drafting themed cards is always fun, and hearing this news makes me hyped.  Imagine tribal themes with Goblin Lackey vs Quirion Ranger and Dryad Arbor.  Maybe, Wizards can do a broken artifacts set.  Part of me is worried that this will turn into block based throwback drafts, but another part of me is hopeful Wizards will include Legacy staples and interactions.  I’m hoping this will become the gateway drug into Legacy for newer players.

Wizards also announced Battlebond!  This will be the Conspiracy-like draft set for 2018.  In the article, Wizards acknowledges Legacy, Vintage, and Commander as formats in mind during the design.  Conspiracy: Take the Crown gave us impactful cards like Leovold, Emissary of Trest, Palace Jailer, Kaya, Ghost Assassin and Sanctum Prelate.  Leovold created a new niche of decks like Czech Pile and Noble BUG Leovold.  I can’t wait to see what happens with Battlebond.

Less Exciting News

Mox Boarding House held a Modern 1Kish. This was the last weekend unplagued by Jace or Bloodbraid Elf. Jace is slowly creeping into the online meta. Consensus so far seems to be Jace wins games you are already winning, but I haven’t seen a Modern Miracles brew yet.  Going to an FNM?  Bring this BINGO Sheet for some extra fun.

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